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Autism Trainings

Pagina Brown, MA, LPC, NCC, ASDCS, ADHD-CCSP is an Autism Spectrum Disorder expert and has been working with the Autistic community professionally for over ten years.  Pagina has developed and conducted trainings for various organizations, including law enforcement/first responders, university/school departments, mental health/medical professionals, and other various entities on a wide variety of topics related to working with the Autistic community. 


Pagina caters training to specific settings and can modify course content to meet organization needs.  Trainings are offered in-person and via zoom. In-person trainings that require travel are decided on a case by case basis.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Law Enforcement, First Responder and Security Personnel
    Identifying people with autistic traits Managing sensory triggers Avoiding false confessions Proper interview techniques Communication training Special safety concerns
  • Schools K-12
    Identifying people with autistic traits General communication Reasonable accommodations Avoiding false confessions Managing sensory triggers Behavioral and threat assessment communication strategies Risk mitigation Fostering inclusion
  • University
    Conduct interviews and intervention training Title IX - Special Circumstances and Interventions Risk mitigation Staff and faculty sensitivity training and classroom considerations
  • Corporate
    Best interview practices Identifying people with autistic traits Unique strengths Reasonable accommodations General communication Avoiding false confessions & fear of punishment / corrective actions Fostering inclusion
  • Medical and Mental Health Professionals
    Communication strategies when analyzing threat and safety Risk mitigation General communication
  • Other Organizations and Entities
    General Autism awareness DEI Efforts Promoting / fostering inclusion
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